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Welche Themen beschäftigten die CRM-Welt? | Von Dr. Bernhard Kölmel und Johannes Britsch

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Gleich drei interessante White-Paper, ein e-Book sowie ein Blog-Artikel beschäftigen sich mit Tipps und Trends rund um Kundenbeziehungsmanagement (CRM). Einerseits wird konkret auf aktuelle Probleme und deren Lösung hingewiesen, andererseits ein Ausblick auf die Zukunft der „Social World“ geworfen. Hier ein kurzer Überblick über die Werke:

The Top 3 Reasons CRM Initiatives (Still) Fail – And How To Avoid Them
gesponsort von Pivotal CRM (CDC Software)

Customer relationship management continues to be a vital strategy for achieving higher profitability, improved productivity, lower costs, stronger customer retention, and greater insight into customer and prospect behavior- whatever the economic environment. But while CRM success rates have risen dramatically over the years, many companies still struggle to achieve the return on investment they anticipated.

This white paper looks at the top three reasons that CRM initiatives fail to achieve their goals and provides clear, practical recommendations for ensuring that your CRM initiative avoids these pitfalls and delivers desired returns.

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CRM: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE – Five Principles for CRM Success
gesponsort von Pivotal CRM (CDC Software)

This guide provides insight to help you take a more customer-centric view of your business. It walks you through how to weigh and consider your CRM options, answering questions such as:

  • How can CRM address customer-facing processes unique to your industry?
  • How can CRM work with your company’s specific business processes?
  • What CRM capabilities are available that will help you keep pace with rapid changes in your business and market?
  • How can CRM deliver quantifiable business results?
  • Are there CRM implementation approaches that mitigate the expense and risk for your business?

Companies need to take a strategic and informed approach to their customer relationships and CRM selection. Over the years, some companies have spent large sums on CRM only to have it fail to deliver the results they had hoped for. When CRM deployments do not meet expectations, it is often due to a lack of clear business strategy or executive sponsorship, poor technology fit, inadequate planning, or a combination of these factors. As explained in this paper, CRM is first and foremost a strategy, and CRM technology enables and supports this unique business strategy–not the other way around. To avoid common pitfalls, it’s important to be aware of this and other core CRM success principles discussed in this guide.

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CRM Built for Sales: The Executive Guide to Selecting CRM That Meets Sales Needs
gesponsort von Pivotal CRM (CDC Software)

Even the best CRM system is only as valuable as the data that goes in it, making user adoption a top consideration in any CRM initiative. But if user adoption is only considered after system selection, it may be too late. The specific requirements of each of a CRM system’s diverse user groups must be considered from the outset and used to guide the selection of a CRM system that will best satisfy user needs.

Among all CRM user groups, the sales organization is often the most important–and challenging–to win over. So how can a company ensure selection of a CRM system that will be embraced by sales users? This white paper provides core principles companies can use to help them select a CRM system that each sales user feels was built just for them.

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SearchCRM.com E-Book: CRM trends and tips for 2010 – Doing more with less
gesponsort von IBM

Customers are more important than ever – but despite that, many organizations have dialed back CRM investments. But there are still ways to make a good business case for CRM that don’t involve breaking budgets – and there are low cost ways to get more out of an existing CRM implementation. In this eBook, find out how to make the most of the systems and budget you do have, with expert advice from leading analysts at Gartner and Forrester.

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Social Will Dominate Future Innovation Thinking
von Paul Hobcraft (Agility Innovation)

Putting the word social into our innovation thinking is going to be a really important thing to do in the coming year, if you haven’t already. It will dominate our actions increasingly. The challenges of „social“ is everywhere; within organizations, in all sorts of collective movements, in politics, across government, society, markets, academic institutions and effecting our personal lives in a host of ways.

Link zum Artikel: Blogging Innovation

Prof. Bernhard Kölmel

Autor: Prof. Bernhard Kölmel

Bernhard Kölmel ist Professor für Global Process Management an der Hochschule Pforzheim. Davor war er Leiter des Innovationsmanagement und der Forschung bei der CAS Software AG und deren Tochterunternehmen YellowMap AG.

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